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Drain Repairs

Breaks in your drainage system can cause major problems in your home or business, from bad smells and slow drainage to excessive leaking that can damage foundations and cause damp to build up.


Here at Drain Jetters we understand that whatever the problem may be, you will want to get your drains fixed and back to full function quickly and that's where we can help.


Reliable Repairs Service

We have years of experience carrying out investigative surveys, and our highly trained team have access to a whole host of equipment and will be innovative in their use of traditional and more advanced techniques to ensure the most appropriate and effective drainage repair possible. These techniques include:

Lining – This is a structural repair that requires no excavation and is ideal for older, more delicate pipework. A soft liner is placed inside the damaged pipe, and once it undergoes a chemical reaction it creates a tough lining around the inside of the pipe, stopping any leaks and any progression of the damage.

Patch Liners and Chemical Grouting – Ideal for localised damage at joints or to fill cracks, stopping any leaks and ensuring the fault doesn't deteriorate.


Excavation and Replacement - for more extensive damage that cannot simply be patched or lined, we can carry out a full excavation and replacement to restore full function and integrity to your pipework.


Root Cutting – Damage to drainage systems can by caused by roots growing through the pipe. Drain Jetters has a number of methods to cut these roots away, not all of which require excavation, so we can repair the drains quickly and efficiently.


Root damage


Problems with roots in your drainage system?

Root infiltration is a big problem with drains that run either under or close to trees and bushes. If this problem is diagnosed during a CCTV survey we will use a rotating root cutter to remove fibrous matter and mass roots from the drain.


Once all of the roots have been removed, it is usually possible to install a drain liner into the affected run to prevent the re-growth of the roots, therefore eliminating blockages and leakage into the ground.


Prevent the roots from growing back

We use high performance technology for all root cutting work, balancing drain protection with tree health to ensure your garden is unaffected while your drain is being worked on. We also offer a comprehensive drain cleaning service using high pressure water jetting.


Pitch fibre re-rounding for older drainage systems


Although no longer in use in modern drainage installations, pitch fibre drains are frequently found in older properties and can succumb to wear and tear over the years. We offer pitch fibre re-rounding for older pipes, correcting structural flaws and increasing waste or water flow through the system.

Previously the only option available for remedial action was excavation, which is both costly and time consuming. However, recent advancements now mean that Drain-Spec can re-round deformed or de-laminated pitched fibre pipes in situ, thus making significant savings in time and therefore cost.

Pitch fibre drains

We cover all of Central London and home counties offering a great range of drainage services, from inspections and CCTV surveys to root removal, drain cleaning and corrosion removal. Call Drain Jetters for friendly advice with our drainage specialists. 07825 333 986

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